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URL Shortie

The one URL Shortener that is truly free.

Why use URL Shortie?

URL Shortie offers a plethora of features that most other URL shorteners lock behind a paywall. We offer free custom URLs, and a free QR code generator. These tools are very convient to have at an arm's reach.

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Custom Shorts

URL Shortie offers custom URLs for free. You can choose your own alias, which is easier to remeber rather than a random string. There is no limit to how many you can have.


URL Shortie offers a log system. It keeps track of every single URL, and this is useful as you can always copy the URL again if you lose it. You can even see how many times your URL has been clicked. If you make the URL public, you can see it in the public logs.

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Qr Code Generator

No shenanigans, No price, just a simple-to-use and straight-forward Qr Code Generator.